Transform Your Home with AI Tool for Interior Design :Top 7 Picks

Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: Feb 8, 2024
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Gone are the days of relying solely on hand-drawn sketches and basic CAD software. Today's AI tools for interior design have revolutionized the interior design industry by offering dynamic 3D renderings, virtual reality tours, and other immersive experiences.

These AI tools for interior design aren't just about creating beautiful spaces; they represent a paradigm shift in interior design, enhancing creativity, efficiency, and collaboration.With advanced 3D visualizations, real-time design adaptability, and artificial intelligence algorithms, these tools enable quick iterations, precise customizations, and cost and space optimizations. But there's more to uncover.

Are you ready to explore the best AI tool for interior design that is driving these breakthroughs? Here are our Top 7 Picks.

1. Homestyler: A Comprehensive Tool for Interior Design

Homestyler is an all-in-one AI tool for interior design platforms offering a range of features from floor planning, modeling, and rendering. It also provides a range of tools and services, including a floor planner, kitchen, dining room, and bath design, collaboration tools, video render, virtual studio, VR and AR technology, and 3D viewer.

The platform is designed for various users, including interior designers, brands and retailers, real estate professionals, schools, and homeowners.

ai tools for interior design-homestyler

Homestyler highlights its AI Decoration, Material Editor, Lighting Editor, and Interior Finishes . It also offers the capability to export drawings and is web-based for easy access and sharing.

Key Features

  • Floor Planner: Create 2D and 3D floor plans with complex structures.
  • Drag and Drop Furniture: Decorate rooms using a vast library of 1:1 furniture models from various brands.
  • Cloud Rendering: High-quality renders with quick cloud processing.
  • Client Impression: Deliver photorealistic images, panoramas, VR tours, and videos with effects.
  • 3D Model Library: Over 300,000 models and textures for diverse styling needs.
  • Powerful Rendering: Fast cloud rendering for photorealistic effects.
  • Team Licence: Enhances collaboration with shared design space and project management tools.
  • Mobile App: Design on-the-go with a user-friendly mobile application.
Open-Concept Living With a Sunken Conversation Area 3d design renderings by Homestyler

How to Use Homestyler

ai tools for interior design-how to use homestyler


  1. Basic Plan: Free, includes a 3D floor planner, unlimited 1K rendering, and access to 100,000+ 3D models.
  2. Individual Plan: Starting at $2.9/month, it adds 75 renders each for 2K & 4K per month, watermark removal, and more.
  3. Master Plan: Starting at $5.9/month, this plan offers unlimited 4K rendering and additional features for video and panorama rendering.
  4. Team Plan: Starting at $19.6/seat/month, tailored for team efficiency, model library, and extra rendering quota.
  5. Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for customized solutions, including 3D model creation and branded environments.
ai tools for interior design-homestyler pricing
  • Wide variety of design elements and real product choices.
  • Realistic 3D visualizations aid in better decision-making.
  • Community features for sharing and feedback.
  • Intuitive and easy to use, it is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.
  • The vast options can be overwhelming for some users.
  • Advanced features may require a learning curve for complete utilization.
  • High-quality renderings and some features might be limited to premium plans.

2. Midjourney: AI Tool for Creative Interior Design Concepts

Midjourney is an AI image generator that has become notable in the AI and design fields. It stands out as a tool that provides a starting point for interior design projects, enabling users to explore and develop new design ideas.

ai tools for interior design-midjourney

Key Features

  • AI-powered design generation: Midjourney uses artificial intelligence to create distinct and inventive design concepts.
  • Encourages exploration: The tool is ideal for experimenting with new design ideas, pushing creative boundaries, and inspiring innovative interior designs.
  • Encourages creative exploration with unique design generation.
  • Continuously evolving, offering new and exciting design possibilities.
  • It may require users to adapt to its unique approach to design generation.
  • The generated designs might need refining to fit specific practical interior design needs.


Midjourney offers four subscription tiers

  1. Basic Plan: $10/month or $96/year. Includes 3.3 hours/month of Fast GPU time and unlimited Relax GPU time.
  2. Standard Plan: $30/month or $288/year. Offers 15 hours/month of Fast GPU time.
  3. Pro Plan: $60/month or $576/year. Includes 30 hours/month of Fast GPU time, Stealth Mode, and 12 concurrent Fast Jobs.
  4. Mega Plan: $120/month or $1152/year. It Provides 60 hours/month of Fast GPU time and higher job concurrency.

Extra GPU time is purchasable at $4/hr for all plans.

ai tools for interior design -midjourney pricing

3.SmartDraw: A Comprehensive Diagramming and Floor Plan Tool for Interior Design

SmartDraw is a versatile diagramming software that excels in creating flowcharts, organizational charts, and floor plans. It stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly interface, which caters to a range of project sizes, from small to large. While it's primarily known for its diagramming capabilities, SmartDraw also offers tools for interior design, particularly in creating detailed floor plans.

ai tool for interior design-smartdraw

Key Features

  • Ease of Use: Designed for simplicity, allowing alignment and arrangement of elements effortlessly.
  • Extensive Symbol Library: Thousands of ready-made visuals for various interior elements.
  • Integration with Other Apps: Compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Atlassian apps, and more.
  • Seamless File Storage Integration: Works with SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, Box, etc.
  • Easy Sharing: Share designs with a link or export as PDF, PNG, or SVG.
  • Collaboration: Enables feedback and collaboration through shared folders and comments.
AI Tool for Interior Design-Interior design diagram examples by SmartDraw
  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners and professionals.
  • Wide range of templates and design elements.
  • Useful for creating detailed and professional-looking diagrams and floor plans.
  • Online file storage for easy access and sharing.
  • Some users find it less feature-rich compared to other advanced design tools like Visio.
  • The price point may be considered high for some users.
  • Limited multi-user collaboration features.
  • Reports of occasional issues with software performance, including challenges with zooming and maintaining object linkages in diagrams.


  1. Individual Plan: $9.95/month, billed annually.
  2. Team Plan: $8.25/user/month (minimum 3 users), billed annually, includes team controls and premium support.
  3. Site License: $2,995 annually, covers the entire organization with additional enterprise.
ai tools for interior design-smartdraw pricing

The tool can be an asset for project managers, developers, and anyone needing to present ideas or plans in a visually organized manner.

ai tools for interior design-smartdraw interior design

4. Foyr Neo: Advanced Interior Design Software

Foyr Neo is a comprehensive interior design software known for its intuitive design tools and realistic 3D rendering capabilities. It is a cloud-based tool that incorporates AI to streamline the design process. This software offers a robust platform for interior designers, allowing them to create detailed and highly accurate designs and renderings.

ai tools for interior design-foyrneo

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation for a smooth design process.
  • AI-Powered Tools: Enhanced productivity through AI-driven task streamlining.
  • Moodboard, 4K Renders, and 3D Walkthroughs: From concept to immersive presentations.
  • Photorealistic Visuals: High-quality renders to captivate clients.
  • Cloud-Based Design and Collaboration: Accessible and collaborative design environment.
  • Real-Time AR Design Visualization: Interactive design experience with augmented reality.
  • 2D/3D Floor Plans Creation: Quick and diverse floor planning options.
  • Extensive 3D Model Library: Over 60,000 models for design customization.
  • 4K Rendering Capabilities: High-resolution renders and walkthroughs.
  • Mood Board Collaboration: Planning and collaboration tools for faster approvals.
aitoolsfor interiordesign-foyrneo moodboard
  • Foyr Neo is praised for its fast rendering speeds and constant software updates.
  • The software provides a large library of materials and tutorial videos for guidance.
  • Users have noted its excellence in creating organizational charts, flow charts, and seating charts.
  • Some users have reported usability issues, such as occasional slowdowns and refresh requirements.
  • The tool might be challenging for beginners, and some features may require a learning curve.


  1. Basic Plan: Ideal for aspiring interior designers, priced at $44/month when billed monthly and $59/month when billed annually. It includes 30 render credits per month, one user, HD, 2K, and 4K renders, and essential design tools.
  2. Standard Plan: Suitable for professional designers with multiple projects, priced at $55/month monthly and $89/month annually. It offers 180 render credits per month, two users, and additional features like a 3D walkthrough and complete design tools.
  3. Premium Plan: Designed for established designers scaling their business at $99/month monthly and $159/month annually. This plan provides 240 render credits per month and 5 users including features like 25 custom 3D models per year.
ai tools for interior design-foyrNeo pricing

5 Spacely AI: AI Interior Design Copilot

Spacely AI is an AI-powered interior design platform that integrates advanced AI technology with professional design expertise. Users upload photos of their space, select a design style, and receive AI-driven design suggestions, which are then refined by a professional design team. Its unique features are AI tools that generate unlimited design ideas and inspirations for room planners of various rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. 

This unique blend of AI and human expertise aims to redefine both residential and commercial spaces, as well as exterior and event designs, providing a versatile range of design options.

ai tools for interior design-spacely AI

Key Features

  • AI-Driven Design Generation: The platform utilizes AI to create and visualize interior design concepts for various room types.
  • Customization Options: It offers customization features for furniture and decor elements.
  • Style Reference Implementation: Users can incorporate specific style references into their designs.
  • Advanced Rendering Techniques: Spacely AI provides high-quality rendering capabilities for realistic design visualizations.
  • Enterprise API :The Spacely AI Enterprise API offers advanced AI-driven solutions for interior design, enabling large-scale customization and integration for businesses seeking innovative technology.
AI tools for Interior Design-Spacely AI Tools
  • User-friendly platform with an intuitive interface.
  • Real-time rendering for immediate visualization of design changes.
  • Collaborative design process ensures user satisfaction.
  • The free plan has limited features, and advanced features require a paid subscription.
  • AI-generated designs may require refinement to capture design nuances fully.


  1. Free Plan: No cost, with lifetime limits on generations, essential support, and limited feature access. Includes a commercial license and Spacely AI watermark.
  2. Yearly Plan: $12/month, billed annually, offering unlimited generations and full feature access, priority support, watermark-free high-resolution downloads, and new feature access.
  3. Team Plan: Custom pricing for up to 5 accounts, providing unlimited generations and full feature access, priority support, and high-resolution downloads.
  4. Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for API calls and dedicated AI models, including technical support and unique learning & training options.
ai tools for interior design-Spacely AI pricing

6. RoomGPT: An AI-Powered Tool for Interior Design

RoomGPT is an AI-powered interior design tool that has been gaining popularity due to its innovative approach to room design. It utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and generate realistic and visually appealing room designs based on user inputs. This tool caters to both homeowners and interior design professionals, offering an intuitive platform for creating custom interior designs.

ai tools for interior design-RoomGPT

Key Features

  • Design Customization: RoomGPT allows users to upload photos of their rooms and customize them based on their design preferences, including changing colors, furniture, and lighting.
  • Diverse Themes: Offers a range of themes like modern, classic, rustic, and more, each with unique furniture, color schemes, and accessories.
  • Multiple Layout Options: Generates various layout possibilities for a given space, maximizing both functionality and aesthetics.
  • High Accuracy and Efficiency: Employs the GPT-3.5 architecture for precise and functional designs, allowing quick creation of custom room designs.
AI tools for interior design-Room transformation with RoomGPT
  • Fast and distinct image rendering with good resolution.
  • User-friendly interface facilitating easy navigation and experimentation.
  • Versatility in design styles and layout options.
  • Limited functionality beyond image generation.
  • Free plan offers only limited credits; additional credits require payment.
  • Some users might find the interface a bit challenging to navigate.


RoomGPT offers 3 free trial credits and various credit packages for room redesigns:

  1. 30 Credits for $9: This package includes 30 room redesigns and access to every design.
  2. 100 Credits for $19: Known as the most popular choice, it offers 100 room redesigns.
  3. 200 Credits for $29: This plan provides 200 room redesigns.
AI tools for interior design-RoomGPT Pricing

7. DecorMatters: AI and AR Enhanced Interior Design App

DecorMatters is a virtual AI interior design app that uniquely integrates AI and AR technologies. It started to ease the home remodeling and furniture shopping process. The app is a platform for both professionals and individuals interested in interior design, offering creative tools for room design and a collaborative community environment.

ai tools for interior design-decormatters

Key Features

  • Design Games: Engage in design challenges for rewards and skill enhancement.
  • Real Room Decoration: Upload personal items and rooms for unique design creations.
  • Community Interaction: Join a community of 10 million users for inspiration and idea sharing.
  • Template-Based Design: Virtually place furniture onto templates for room design.
  • Membership Benefits: Access to exclusive features for more advanced design capabilities.
  • Shopping Integration: A platform to design and shop from over 30 popular furniture brands.
  • Mobile App: An interactive iOS mobile app for home design enthusiasts, offering a seamless design and shopping experience.
  • The app fosters a creative and social community for interior design enthusiasts.
  • Utilizes AR for realistic visualization of designs in actual spaces.
  • Wide selection of furniture and decor items.
  • Some users have reported technical issues, such as difficulty in adjusting perspectives and item scaling.
  • The search and categorization functionality for items might be improved for better user experience.


DecorMatters offers various pricing plans for its home design app, which include:

  1. Weekly Membership: Priced at $9.99 per week.
  2. Monthly Membership: Available at a 50% discount for $19.99 per month.
  3. Yearly Membership: Offered at $39.99 per year, representing a 90% discount.
ai tools for interior design-decormatters pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI take over interior design?

AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including interior design. With advancements in machine learning and computer vision, AI can analyze large datasets of design styles, trends, and customer preferences to generate personalized recommendations for interior design. AI tool for interior design can assist designers in creating virtual renderings, optimizing space utilization, and suggesting color schemes and furniture arrangements.

However, it's important to note that AI is not a replacement for human creativity and expertise. While AI can offer valuable insights and streamline certain aspects of the design process, the final decisions and artistic touches will still be made by human designers. So while AI can certainly enhance and support interior design, it is unlikely to completely take over the field.

What are the benefits of using AI tools for interior design?

Using an AI tool for interior design can provide numerous benefits. They can help with space planning, furniture selection, color coordination, generating 3D models and even virtual room visualization. AI tools can save time, enhance creativity, and ensure better design accuracy for interior designers and homeowners alike.

Are there any drawbacks in using AI tool for interior design?

These tools rely on pre-existing data and may not always accurately capture individual preferences or unique design elements. Additionally, they cannot replace the expertise and creativity of a human designer.


Utilizing an AI tool for interior design have revolutionized the field of interior design, making it more efficient, accurate, and personalized than ever before. With features like space planning and optimization, material and color suggestions, real-time 3D rendering, personalized design recommendations, sustainable design options, and cost estimation, these tools are a must-have for any interior designer or enthusiast.

The future of interior design with AI looks promising as these AI tools for interior design continue to evolve and push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

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