Dive into the Virtual Realm: A Comprehensive Live3D Review

Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: Apr 12, 2023
Live3D Review - Best Beginner Friendly VTuber Software
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So you wanna be a Vtuber, huh? You've come to the right place! In this Live3D review, we're going to break down everything you need to know about this fantastic beginner-friendly Vtuber software. From its features to user-friendliness, we've got the lowdown on what makes Live3D the top choice for newbies in the world of virtual streaming. Let's dive in, shall we?

Live3D Review - What's the Big Deal?

Live3D is the bee's knees when it comes to Vtuber software for beginners. This incredible platform allows users to create their own 3D avatars, customize their appearance, and stream or record videos in real-time. With a user-friendly interface, getting started with Live3D is a breeze.

Live3D - A Vtuber's Dream Come True

Live 3D has some of the most compressive set features for anyone who is starting their Vtubing Journey. We have discussed some of these Features below

1. Customizable Avatars - Personalize your 3D character

One of the key features of Live3D is the ability to create fully customizable avatars. With an extensive library of base models, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories, you can mix and match to your heart's content. This level of personalization allows you to create a unique character that truly represents you or your online persona, setting the stage for a memorable Vtuber experience.

2. Real-Time Animation - Bring your avatar to life

Live3D's real-time animation feature is like magic. Using advanced motion capture technology, your avatar will move in sync with your physical movements. This means that when you wave your hand, your avatar will do the same! By capturing your body language, Live3D adds an extra layer of realism and immersion to your virtual persona.

3. Seamless Integration - Stream or record with ease

The beauty of Live3D is its seamless integration with popular streaming and recording software like OBS, Streamlabs, and XSplit. With just a few clicks, you can connect your Live3D avatar to your streaming setup and broadcast your virtual self to the world. And if you're more into recording videos for platforms like YouTube, Live3D has you covered as well.

4. User-Friendly Interface - Perfect for beginners

Live3D understands that not everyone is a tech wizard, which is why they've designed their software with beginners in mind. The user-friendly interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring that even the most technologically challenged can get started with minimal fuss. Plus, their website offers a wealth of tutorials and guides to help you on your Vtuber journey.

Live3D - Going Above and Beyond

1. Importing Your Own Models - Create your unique avatar

For those with a knack for 3D modeling or those who want to take their Vtuber persona to the next level, Live3D offers the ability to import your own models. This means you can create a one-of-a-kind character that truly reflects your vision, ensuring your virtual presence is as unique as you are. This feature opens up a world of possibilities for those looking to stand out in the crowded Vtuber space.

2. Camera Controls - Change perspectives with a click

In the world of virtual streaming, camera angles can make all the difference. Live3D offers an array of camera controls, allowing you to switch between various perspectives with ease. Whether you want a close-up shot, a wide-angle view, or something in between, Live3D has got your back. Experimenting with camera angles adds depth to your Vtuber persona and keeps your audience engaged.

3. Easy Lip Sync - Sync your voice to your avatar's mouth

A key aspect of a successful Vtuber performance is the ability to sync your voice with your avatar's mouth movements. Live3D's easy lip sync feature utilizes advanced voice recognition technology to ensure that your avatar's mouth moves in sync with your speech. This realistic lip-syncing adds to the immersive experience for your audience and helps you maintain the illusion of your virtual character.

4. Facial Expression Tracking - Capture your emotions

Live3D goes the extra mile by incorporating facial expression tracking into its software. Using your webcam or a supported tracking device, Live3D captures your facial expressions and maps them onto your avatar in real time. This means that when you smile, frown, or raise your eyebrows, your avatar will do the same. By capturing your emotions, Live3D adds a human touch to your virtual persona, making your Vtuber experience even more engaging and authentic.

Getting Started with Live3D

1. Download and Install - Simple as pie

Getting started with Live3D is a piece of cake. Head over to their official website and download the software. Once the download is complete, run the installer and follow the on-screen prompts to install Live3D on your system. The installation process is straightforward, and you'll be ready to dive into the world of Vtubing in no time.

2. Account Creation - Get your feet wet

Before you can start creating your virtual alter ego, you'll need to create a Live3D account. Simply open the Live3D software, click on the "Register" button, and fill in the required information. After verifying your email, you're all set to start exploring the amazing features Live3D has to offer.

3. Subscription Options - Choose the plan that suits you

Live3D offers various subscription plans to accommodate your needs and budget. Ranging from a free trial to premium plans, there's something for everyone. The free trial allows you to test the waters and get a feel for the software, while the premium plans unlock additional features and customization options. Visit their website to compare the plans and choose the one that's right for you.

Getting Your Avatar Stream-Ready

1. Calibrating Your Motion Capture - Perfect Synchronization

Before hitting the "Go Live" button, it's crucial to calibrate your motion capture settings to ensure smooth and realistic avatar movements. Live3D's calibration process is user-friendly and well-guided. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate your webcam or motion capture device, adjusting the settings as needed to achieve the best results.

2. Integrating with Streaming Software - An Effortless Connection

To stream your Live3D avatar, you'll need to integrate the software with your preferred streaming platform, such as OBS, Streamlabs, or XSplit. Live3D makes this process a breeze with its seamless integration capabilities. Follow the step-by-step tutorials available on their website or within the software to connect your Live3D avatar to your streaming software, and you'll be ready to broadcast in no time.

3. Setting Up Your Virtual Environment - Your Stage Awaits

With your avatar created and streaming software integrated, it's time to set up your virtual environment. Live3D offers various pre-built backgrounds and scenes for your avatar to inhabit. Choose the one that best suits your streaming style or import your own custom background. Make sure to adjust the lighting and camera angles to create the perfect ambiance for your virtual persona.

Going Live - Lights, Camera, Action!

1. Prepare Your Streaming Setup - Get Everything in Order

Before you go live, double-check your streaming setup to ensure everything is running smoothly. This includes testing your microphone, camera, and internet connection. Make sure your Live3D avatar is properly calibrated and integrated with your streaming software. Also, consider having a plan or outline for your stream to keep things flowing smoothly and engage your audience throughout the session.

2. Promote Your Stream - Spread the Word

To attract viewers to your live stream, it's essential to promote it ahead of time. Share your streaming schedule on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Discord, and let your followers know when you'll be going live. Creating eye-catching promotional graphics or teasers can also pique the interest of potential viewers and encourage them to tune in.

3. Manage Your Chat - Keep the Conversation Going

During your live stream, it's important to manage your chat effectively. Engaging with your viewers, responding to their comments, and fostering a positive environment will make your streams more enjoyable and help build a strong community around your Vtuber persona. You can also use chat moderation tools to prevent spam and maintain a healthy chat environment.

4. Be Adaptable - Embrace the Unexpected

When streaming live, there's always the potential for unexpected surprises, technical glitches, or things not going according to plan. Embrace these moments and adapt on the fly. Your ability to think on your feet and handle unforeseen situations will not only make your streams more entertaining but also demonstrate your professionalism as a Vtuber.

5. Post-Stream Analysis - Learn and Grow

After each live stream, take the time to review and analyze your performance. Identify areas where you can improve, such as engagement, content, or technical aspects, and consider asking your audience for feedback. Use this information to fine-tune your future streams and continue to grow and develop as a Vtuber.

By following these steps and putting your best foot forward when going live, you'll be well on your way to Vtuber success. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more you stream, the more comfortable and skilled you'll become. With Live3D by your side, the sky's the limit!


Free vs Paid

Live3D offers a free version with limited features, as well as a monthly subscription model for more advanced features and assets. The pricing is competitive with other VTuber software on the market, and the free version offers enough functionality for beginners to try it out before committing to a subscription.

Their base plan starts at 3.9$, However, we recommend you upgrade to Plus Suite which costs 8.9$ or 16$ without promotion as it offers Unlimited Background, Unlimited Props and so much more.

Exploring Alternatives to Live3D

While Live3D is an excellent choice for beginner-friendly Vtuber software, it's always a good idea to explore other options to find the perfect fit for your needs. Here, we'll discuss some popular alternatives to Live3D and their unique features.

1. VRoid Studio

VRoid Studio is a free 3D character creation tool that allows users to create unique avatars from scratch or customize pre-built models. With an intuitive interface and extensive customization options, VRoid Studio is a popular choice for creating Vtuber avatars. However, it's important to note that VRoid Studio focuses on avatar creation and does not include streaming or motion capture features. Users will need to use additional software, such as Luppet or Wakaru, to bring their avatars to life in a streaming environment.

2. Luppet

Luppet is a user-friendly Vtuber software designed for both 2D and 3D avatars. Its features include real-time motion capture, lip sync, and facial expression tracking. Luppet also provides a variety of pre-built environments, camera controls, and an intuitive user interface. While Luppet is a powerful Vtuber tool, it is a paid software, and users will need to purchase a license to access its full range of features.

3. Wakaru

Wakaru is a free Vtuber software that supports 3D avatars created in VRoid Studio or other 3D modeling applications. It offers real-time motion capture, lip sync, and facial expression tracking, as well as integration with popular streaming software like OBS. However, it's worth noting that Wakaru's interface and features are not as polished or beginner-friendly as those offered by Live3D or Luppet.

4. FaceRig

FaceRig is a popular software that enables users to embody digital characters using real-time motion capture technology. It supports both 2D and 3D avatars, and its features include facial expression tracking, lip sync, and customizable environments. FaceRig is compatible with popular streaming software and offers a wide range of avatars to choose from. However, unlike Live3D, it does not provide extensive avatar customization options, and users may need to rely on third-party tools to create unique characters.

By exploring these alternatives to Live3D, you can weigh the pros and cons of each Vtuber software to determine the best choice for your needs. Each software has its unique strengths and features, so consider your goals, budget, and technical expertise when making your decision.


If you're itching to dive into the world of Vtubing, Live3D is hands down the best beginner-friendly Vtuber software.


Is Live3D suitable for beginners?

You bet! With a user-friendly interface and tons of customization options, Live3D is the best beginner-friendly Vtuber software out there.

What are the system requirements for Live3D?

Fear not! Live3D is designed to work on a wide range of systems, including lower-end ones. Check their website for specific requirements.

How much does Live3D cost?

Live3D offers a variety of subscription plans to fit your budget. Check out their website for the most up-to-date pricing.

Can I use my own 3D models with Live3D?

Absolutely! Live3D allows you to import your own models, giving you even more creative freedom.

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