My Story

Ravi Varman's Story:Persisting through self-doubt to start a blog

My Name is Ravi Varman and this is my blog
I have started this blog to help people with my expertise in Digital Marketing, Content Creation, SEO, Website Development and so on. 

My Journey So Far.

In my previous life, I was a WordPress website developer, making websites for Clients and Businesses in my Locality as well as clients from other countries.

I loved the process of building a website from designing to building the website.

However, Quickly I realized this is not a sustainable way to help people or to make money. So I started this blog to help people in a global way by answering their questions with the help of my expertise.

I also love software and tools of any kind.

As Steve Jobs puts it. A man with a tool is unstoppable. I feel the same way too.

In this 20th Century, with amazing tools at our disposal, we can create and bring to life anything we dream of.

I am also planning to start a YouTube channel to also share my view and review business software and so on.

Notable Projects

I have worked on more than 30 projects in my 3 years as a website developer. Here are some of the Notable projects.

  1. PhotoPoets - Wedding Photographer from Chennai
  2. Dextroware Devices - An assistive tech manufacturer from IIT Madras
  3. Office Instructor - Corporate Trainer from Canada
  4. BuzzArk - VR and AR development provider
  5. Dezire Natural - Sugar-Free Sweets manufacturer from Chennai
  6. ItsSarathHere - Instagram Influencer
  7. Richmail - Email Marketing expert

To name a Few..

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