Best Streaming Platform for VTubers: Unlock Massive Growth with Our Complete Guide

Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: Apr 12, 2023
Best Streaming Platform for VTubers
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The Best Streaming Platform for VTubers is essential in today's internet landscape, where Virtual YouTubers have captivated massive audiences. Combining live streaming, animation, and interactive entertainment, VTubers create thriving communities.

As a budding VTuber or a fan seeking to support your favorite creators, it's essential to choose the best streaming platform for VTubing.

In this article, we'll compare popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming and discuss the factors to consider when selecting the right platform for your needs.

Popular Streaming Platform for VTubers

Several streaming platforms are available for VTubers, each with its own features and benefits. Let's dive into the most popular ones.


Twitch is a top choice for many streamers due to its gaming-centric focus and extensive features.

streaming platform for VTubers

Advantages of Twitch

  1. Gaming-Focused: Twitch is designed for gaming content, making it a perfect fit for VTubers.
  2. Tools and Features: Twitch offers a variety of tools and features, such as chat moderation, extensions, and more, to enhance the streaming experience.
  3. Strong Community: Twitch has a vast and active community, making finding and connecting with like-minded streamers and viewers easy.

Disadvantages of Twitch

  1. Competition: With many streamers on the platform, standing out and attracting viewers can be challenging.
  2. Discoverability: Twitch's search and recommendation features may not be as advanced as other platforms, making it harder for new VTubers to be discovered.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is another popular choice for VTubers, offering different advantages and drawbacks.

Advantages of YouTube Gaming

  1. Discoverability: YouTube's robust search and recommendation system makes it easier for new VTubers to be discovered.
  2. Video Integration: YouTube allows streamers to easily archive their live streams and integrate them with other video content.
  3. Monetization Options: YouTube offers a variety of monetization options, such as Super Chats, ads, and channel memberships.

Disadvantages of YouTube Gaming

  1. Platform Priorities: YouTube is primarily a video platform, which can sometimes make live-streaming features feel secondary.
  2. Strict Content Policies: YouTube's content policies can be more stringent than other platforms, leading to potential issues with content restrictions.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is a relatively new player in the streaming space but has been gaining traction quickly.

Advantages of Facebook Gaming

  1. Audience Reach: Facebook Gaming benefits from Facebook's massive user base, providing an opportunity to reach a large audience.
  2. Integration with Facebook: Streamers can easily integrate their streaming content with their Facebook profiles and pages, creating a seamless experience for viewers.
  3. Less Competition: As a newer platform, Facebook Gaming may have less competition, allowing VTubers to stand out.

Disadvantages of Facebook Gaming

  1. Platform Maturity: Facebook Gaming is still developing, which may lead to fewer features and tools compared to more established platforms.
  2. Perception: Some users may associate Facebook Gaming with casual gaming, potentially affecting the perception of the platform and its content.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Platform

When deciding on the best streaming platform for VTubing, consider the following factors:


Determine where your target audience spends their time online. Some platforms may have a more significant presence in certain regions or cater to specific age groups.


Evaluate each platform's monetization options and policies. Some venues may offer better revenue-sharing deals or broader monetization methods.

Features and Tools

Compare the features and tools available on each platform to ensure they align with your streaming needs and preferences.

If are struggling to decide between the sea of VTuber software tools available. We have made a comprehensive list of the best VTubers Software for you to get started.

Support and Community

Consider the level of support and the community available on each platform. A strong community can provide valuable networking opportunities and support for your streaming journey.


Choosing the best streaming platform for VTubing depends on your goals, audience, and preferences. By comparing popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming and considering factors such as audience, monetization, features, and community, you can make an informed decision and set yourself up for success as a VTuber.


Are there any niche platforms specifically for VTubers? 

While no mainstream platforms are solely dedicated to VTubers, some smaller platforms cater to the VTubing community. However, they may lack the features and audience of larger venues.

Can I stream on multiple platforms simultaneously? 

Yes, using tools like Restream or Streamlabs, you can stream to multiple platforms at once. However, this may affect your ability to interact with your audience effectively and violate some platforms' exclusivity agreements.

Can I switch platforms later if I change my mind? 

Yes, many streamers change platforms throughout their careers. However, moving your audience from one platform to another can be challenging, so consider this decision carefully.

How do I grow my audience as a VTuber? 

Engage with your audience, network with other creators, and promote your content on social media. Consistency and high-quality content are also crucial for audience growth.

Do I need expensive equipment to start VTubing? 

While high-quality equipment can enhance your streaming experience, many successful VTubers begin with basic setups and gradually upgrade over time.

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