A Comprehensive Review of Cohesive AI: Powerful AI Editor(2023)

Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: Nov 27, 2023
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Have you ever felt the weight of the endless search for the perfect content creation tool? Imagine a tool that not only streamlines your writing process but also stands out in the vast digital landscape. I've tested countless tools throughout my career, but none have resonated like Cohesive AI. Dive into the next generation with Cohesive AI, an innovative tool launched by one of the major edtech companies, Unacademy.

What is Cohesive AI and how does it work?

Cohesive AI is an advanced AI editor that uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to enhance the quality and coherence of written content. It analyzes the text, identifies inconsistencies or gaps in logic, and suggests improvements to make the writing more cohesive and engaging.

Cohesive is not just another AI editor; it's where human creativity meets the brilliance of AI.

The platform offers a seamless experience, allowing users to create, refine, edit, and publish their work with ease. But what truly sets it apart is its promise to boost productivity, ensuring that every piece of content you produce is engaging, relevant, and optimized for conversion.

Cohesive is the future of AI-powered writing, revolutionizing the way we publish blogs, create chatGPT prompts, and even make TikTok videos.

Cohesive AI

Key Features

1. AI Editor: Beyond Traditional Editing

Offers a powerful AI editor that allows users to create, refine, edit, and publish content seamlessly. The editor is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for effortless editing of text, images, and language translations. The platform emphasizes creating engaging, relevant and conversion-optimized High-Quality content with the help of its powerful editor.

Cohesive AI-AI Editor
  • Text Editing: At its core, the AI Editor provides a robust text editing platform. It's designed to understand context, ensuring that your content remains coherent and engaging, even after extensive edits.
  • Image Integration: In today's content landscape, visuals are paramount. The AI Editor seamlessly integrates image editing, allowing users to embed, adjust, and enhance images directly within their content. This ensures a multimedia-rich experience for readers.
  • Language Translations: Catering to a global audience requires multilingual content. The AI Editor's translation feature ensures that your content is not only translated but also culturally adapted, maintaining its essence across languages.

Users can import links, and files, or connect to Google Drive to create brand-relevant and factually correct content.

2. AI Voices: Crafting Authentic Narratives

AI Voices is a leap forward in audio content creation:

Cohesive AI-AI Voice
  • Unparalleled Realism: Generate voiceovers that sound so lifelike, it's hard to believe they're AI-powered. Perfect for any content, from podcasts to narrations.
  • Global Reach: Speak to audiences worldwide with voiceovers in multiple languages, from English and Spanish to Japanese and more.
  • Emotion-Infused Content: Add depth to your voiceovers by injecting emotions like excitement, empathy, and urgency.
  • Collaborative & User-Friendly: Work seamlessly with your team on voiceovers and easily export your final product. Plus, if you're short on content, generate instant scripts.
Cohesive AI-VoiceOver Creation
  • Diverse Templates for Inspiration: Jumpstart your voiceover project with a range of ready-to-use templates, catering to various content needs.
Cohesive AI-AI Voice Over Templates

3. Templates: Streamlining Content Creation

Utilize an extensive range of pre-designed templates to jumpstart your content creation process. Adapt and personalize these templates to align with your specific brand identity and requirements. By harnessing Cohesive AI's template library, you can save valuable time and energy.

Broad Spectrum of Templates: Provides over 200 templates for various content needs, from SEO articles to social media posts.

Cohesive AI-Templates

Customizable Nature: While the templates offer a structured starting point, they're designed to be flexible. Users can modify them, infuse their brand voice, and tailor them to their specific needs, ensuring originality.

4. Content Inspiration: A Continuous Flow of Ideas

Discover unique and creative ideas that will make your content stand out from the crowd. Tap into the brilliance of Cohesive AI's inspiration feature and unlock its potential for your content marketing strategy.

Drawing Inspiration from Past Content

By analyzing and learning from your past work, Cohesive helps you discover new angles and perspectives to revitalize your content strategy. Seamlessly repurpose and optimize your existing content, leveraging a deep understanding of your style and preferences. With the help of Cohesive AI's refining capabilities, you can take your content to the next level.

Personalized GPT Prompts: A Unique Offering

Discover the magic of Cohesive AI's personalized GPT prompts, tailored specifically to your needs. Tap into a content creation experience powered by AI-generated prompts that ignite your creativity. Cohesive combines the power of NLP with advanced algorithms to deliver magical content-creation experiences. With its personalized prompts, you can take your content to the next level and create truly engaging and captivating pieces.

Enhancing the Refinement Process with Companion Mode

Enhance your content refinement workflow by streamlining the process with Companion Mode. Benefit from real-time collaboration and editing features that enable you to refine your content efficiently. Leverage the power of this mode to improve the quality of your content and maximize its potential.

5. Use Cases

Cohesive caters to a variety of Use cases, including:

  • Marketing: Maximize ROI with high-converting AI content, grow social media presence, improve search engine rankings, and create impactful ad copies.
  • Sales: Increase sales quotas with AI-generated content, create conversion-focused emails, and convert prospects into profits.
  • Support: Offer fast customer support with AI-powered conversations, provide immediate responses to customer queries, create support documents quickly, and generate comprehensive FAQs.
  • Personal: Enhance personal writing with AI-powered tools, create compelling cover letters, impressive LinkedIn bios, and accelerate the content creation process.

Cohesive AI Pricing

Cohesive has positioned itself as a leading AI-powered content editor, offering a range of features to cater to the diverse needs of content creators. But how does its pricing fare? While the initial access is free, a subscription is required to utilize the advanced features.

Cohesive AI Free Plan

Cohesive AI-Features of free plan

Paid Plans of Cohesive AI

Cohesive AI-Pricing

Why Should You Choose Cohesive AI Editor and Inspiration Tool?

Here are the top 5 reasons

  1. Easy-to-Use AI Tool: With Cohesive AI, making content is a breeze. It's like having a smart helper by your side.
  2. Bring in Your Stuff: You can pull in info from links, files, or even Google Drive. It helps make sure what you write is spot-on.
  3. Make Great Content: No more dull writing. Your content shines and speaks to people.
  4. Ready-Made Templates: They've got over 200 templates ready for you. Whether it's a blog or a tweet, they've got you covered.
  5. Work Together Easily: Say goodbye to messy emails. You and your team can work together, right then and there.

Cohesive AI Alternatives

Here are some direct alternatives to Cohesive AI, which are platforms designed for AI-powered content creation.

  1. OpenAI's GPT-4: A state-of-the-art language model that can generate human-like text for various content needs.
  2. Writesonic: An AI-powered writing tool that uses GPT-3 to help users create ads, blogs, and other types of content.
  3. Jasper: An AI writing assistant designed to assist in content creation for various platforms.
  4. Kuki Chatbot: While primarily a chatbot, it can be used for content generation in specific contexts.
  5. Copy.ai: An AI-powered tool that assists in generating marketing copy, blog posts, and other written content.

Let us compare with direct alternative ChatGPT.

Cohesive AI Vs ChatGPT

The Final Verdict on Cohesive AI Editor

Cohesive AI is a great helper for anyone who writes or creates content. It's easy to use and has lots of cool features. It combines the power of AI with intuitive prompts, making world-class content becomes simpler and more fun. If you want your writing to stand out and be the best, give Cohesive AI a try. It's like having a smart friend by your side, helping you out!

You can boost your marketing strategy and increase the level of creativity, and inspiration with the Cohesive AI Editor. Get real-time suggestions and enhancements to transform your content. Maximize your social media presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Cohesive is a game-changer in the world of content creation.

Its seamless editing feature makes the writing process smoother and more efficient, while the ever-inspiring inspiration feature keeps your creativity flowing. The handy companion mode enhances the refinement process and ensures that your content is of the highest quality.

Compared to similar tools, Cohesive AI Editor stands out with its personalized GPT prompts and seamless integration with various templates. Users have reported a positive user experience and have praised the tool for its ability to enhance their content creation process.

If you're looking to take your content creation to the next level, choose Cohesive.

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