Scalenut Review 2023 - Is it the Best AI SEO Writer?

Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: Nov 28, 2023
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Content creators and marketers often struggle with generating high-quality, SEO-optimized content. Balancing creativity with search engine criteria and maintaining consistent delivery can be overwhelming.

Introducing Scalenut, a solution designed to ease your burden and allow you to focus on creating compelling content effortlessly. It's like a helpful friend for students, bloggers, copywriters and marketers, making the task of writing much easier.

With experience of using many AI writer tools like, GravityWrite, Rytr, I can confidently say that Scalenut is a powerful ally in enhancing content writing process.

In this Scalenut Review, we will delve into the features of Scalenut, pricing structure, Pros and Cons, compare it with other AI writing tools. By the end of this blog, you will have a comprehensive understanding of whether Scalenut is the right tool for you and if it truly stands out as the best AI SEO writer in the market.

A Brief about Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI-powered content creation and SEO optimization platform that streamlines the process of producing high-quality, search engine-friendly content.

It offers a suite of tools including a keyword planner, content optimizer, and a unique Cruise Mode for generating long-form content. With its user-friendly interface and robust customer support, Scalenut caters to content creators and marketers looking to enhance their online presence and drive organic traffic efficiently.

By automating time-consuming tasks and providing valuable insights, Scalenut empowers content creators to focus on creativity and strategy, resulting in more effective content writing and marketing campaigns.

Scalenut Review-Dashboard

Scalenut features :All-in-One Content Marketing App

From planning and researching to creating, optimizing, and analyzing content, Scalenut's features are designed to assist users throughout the entire content lifecycle.

1. Topic Clusters: Plan Your Content [Plan]

Developing topic clusters can improve your SEO results. They consist of interconnected content focused on a niche, helping search engines understand your website better.

Scalenut's keyword planner tool is crucial for effective content creation, audience targeting, and SEO. It helps content creators plan keywords, identify key terms, related keywords, and generate content ideas.

Planning your content with a keyword planner

1.Input the main keyword, allowing Scalenut to produce associated keyword clusters that include high-impact terms.

Scalenut review-Generate

2. You can generate an SEO-friendly article by selecting a cluster closely aligned with your content from the available options.

scalenut review-Keyword cluster
Scalenut review-keywords in a cluster

3.Else, you can choose a keyword from the provided list, considering its search volume, relevance etc.. and create an SEO article.

scalenut review-Keywords

2. Research Mode: Elevate Your Content with Informed Insights [Research]

The platform provides features for comprehensive content research, allowing users to explore SERP-based topic clusters and receive powerful recommendations to stay ahead in their content game.

Scalenut Review-Research

Let's explore the detailed report available on the research tab.

1. Competition Overview:

Presents statistics such as the Word Count, SEO score, H Tags, and metrics from the top 10 ranked URLs that are relevant to the primary keyword of your article.

Scalenut review-Research-Competition Overview


Presents the Top 10 Competitive URL's related to your primary keyword. You can use this as a source of inspiration to enhance your article and improve its ranking.

Scalenut Review-Top 10 pages Outline


The list displays the most frequently searched questions from popular platforms such as Google, Reddit, Quora, and Search engine result pages, along with AI recommendations. These questions can be addressed in your page's FAQ section to increase the reach of your target audience.

Scalenut Review:Questions

4. Statistics:

Provides statistics from other related top-ranking articles, upon including these statistics in your article, you can enhance its credibility and provide valuable information to your readers.

Scalenut is able to save you a couple of days' worth of work by researching and incorporating this type of information for you, thereby automating your tasks.

Scalenut Review-Statistics

5.Citation Websites:

Provides the list of citation websites that are included in the top 10 articles along with the count of occurrences and also source URL.

Scalenut review-Citation Websites

6.Key Terms:

Provides the list of NLP terms, along with their importance and frequency, which can be included in our article. Additionally, it provides usage examples to facilitate their inclusion in your article.

Scalenut Review-KeyTerms

3. Cruise Mode: Accelerate Your Content Creation [Create]

Scalenut article writer simplifies content creation with its long-form assistant and other tools.

Scalenut's Cruise Mode is designed to revolutionize the content creation process by generating 1500+ word articles within just 5 minutes. It is tailored to create various types of long-form content, including blog posts, articles, ebooks, and emails, with efficiency and precision.

Let us create a long-form article with the help of Cruise Mode and evaluate its performance

Step 1: Define Your Niche

Step 2: Initiate Article Creation

Scalenut review-Article Writer

Step 3: Incorporate Keywords

  • You can Input up to 10 relevant keywords. You may also utilize a keyword planner to generate keywords and specify the "target country" for ranking.
Scalenut Review-Step 3 Keyword

Step 4: Craft a Blog Overview

  • Write a brief overview of your blog and select an appropriate tone. Meanwhile, Scalenut actively prepares SEO report for your blog in the background.
Scalenut review- brief overview and tone selection

Step 5: Choose an Engaging Title

  • Select from a range of AI-generated titles.Additionally, it offers the opportunity to rephrase the titles.
  • The tool additionally presents top-ranking titles related to your blog.
Scalenut review-AI Title generation

Step 6: Generate a Comprehensive Outline

  • Click 'create outline', allowing Scalenut to analyze top-tier articles and derive insights to formulate a basic outline. Feel free to modify or enhance it using AI suggestions.
  • This tool also provides the outlines of the top-ranked articles, you can add those to your article if required .
  • And for the FAQ's section you can add them from the list of the questions collected from different resources like Reddit, Google,AI and Quora.
Scalenut review-Generate outline

Step 7: Develop Writing Points

  • Generates key writing points. Add your own or incorporate AI suggestions for further refinement.You can also explore the SERP statistics at this section
scalenut review-writing points

Step 8: Review the First Draft

  • A preliminary draft is prepared, along with the meta title, description, and URL permalink.
Scalenut review-firsr draft

Step 9: Fine-Tune and Optimize

Export your draft to an editor and tailor the content to your preferences.

The editor displays the SEO score, recommended word count,Readability score and key terms usage.

Scalenut SEO assistant provides the necessary tips to Optimize the content and rank better.

Scalenut review-Editor

Additionally, we can leverage Cruise AI, a text editor tool that assists in modifying the chosen text by expanding, condensing, simplifying, or rephrasing it. Alternatively, you can also input your own custom instructions.

Scalenut Review-Text Editor

Once you have implemented the SEO suggestions provided by Scalenut, your blog is optimized for better search engine visibility.

4.Content Optimizer: Maximize Your SEO Performance [Optimize]

Scalenut's Content Optimizer is designed to help users optimize their content for the best SEO performance. It provides comprehensive SEO score updates and offers recommendations to improve website ranking.

Scalenut Review-Content Optimizer

How SEO Score boosts your content

Scalenut's SEO score feature offers a detailed report on content optimization. It identifies areas for improvement in search engine optimization (SEO) by analyzing keyword density, meta tags, keyword clusters, and content performance. With real-time updates and optimization suggestions, the SEO score tool empowers content creators to improve their content quality, search engine rankings, organic traffic, and competitive edge in digital marketing.

Now, let's explore ways to enhance the SEO score of the existing Blog.

Scalenut Review-Optimizing blog with content optimizer

To illustrate this, I am utilizing the article that we created during the previous step in order to improve.

Scalenut has provided the following suggestions. Let me implement all the changes and demonstrate how they will impact the score.

Scalenut review-Content optimizer suggestions

Scalenut AI "Fix It" feature assists you in automatically resolving issues, almost like a magic wand. Therefore, there is no need to worry or stress about how to fix them.

Scalenut Review-Fix it

I have fixed the issues suggested by Scalenut, resulting in a significant improvement in the score from 67 to 97. This enhancement will undoubtedly contribute to boosting the ranking of your page on Google.

Scalenut Review-Optimized content SEO score

5. Traffic Analyzer: Elevate Your Reach with Tailored Traffic Insights[Analyze]

The platform offers a Traffic Analyzer to provide insights on how your pages and keywords perform on search engines and your page's average position, and device distribution. This data is crucial for improving your content strategy and growing organically.

Scalenut review-Traffic Analyzer

Scalenut's unique offerings

Scalenut’s unique features set it apart from other AI writing tools in the market. Let’s explore some of Scalenut’s unique offerings that make it a comprehensive content generation platform.

Marketing Copywriter

Scalenut's AI Copywriter is designed to be the ultimate assistant for content creators, helping them craft compelling and effective copies with ease. Whether you're working on product descriptions, ad copies, or social media posts, Scalenut's AI Copywriter ensures you have high-quality content at your fingertips.

AI Templates

The tool offers over 40 templates tailored to various needs, making the content creation process seamless and efficient. With a user-friendly interface, creators can follow step-by-step prompts to craft content that resonates with their audience.

Now, let's explore a few examples of how to apply the principles of copywriting using the templates that are readily available.

STEP 1:Head to the Marketing Copywriter on your dashboard. 

Scalenut Review-Templates

STEP 2:Select from 40+ templates to match your needs. here, for our demonstration, I am using "Online Review Generator".

Let's review the product "Dyson Vacuum Cleaner". First, I will fill in all the required details.

Scalenut review-Online review generator

STEP 3: Witness AI's magic with ready-to-go copies. 

Scalenut Review-Review Generator Results

STEP 4: If you are satisfied with the generated result, You can Export data to the Editor and perform edits if necessary. Else, click on "Generate More" for more suggestions.

AI Document Creation

Scalenut Document Creator is designed to empower users with unmatched capabilities, surpassing the limitations of conventional word processors like Word or Google Docs.

AI Text Writer and Editor Tools

if you encounter writer's block, don't worry. The Write feature of Scalenut is here to help you out.

Scalenut Review-AI Text Writer

You can also Instruct AI writer to write the content on behalf of you.

Scalenut review-Instruct

Scalenut offers a variety of connectors like Addition, Contrast, Sequence, Condition, Result, Summary and more, to help you structure your content effectively. Whether you need to add more information, provide a contrasting point, or summarize your main points, Scalenut has got you covered.

choose a relevant connector and scalenut will generate a paragraph with it. 

Scalenut Connectores

Scalenut also offers other text editing tools (Cruise AI)like rephrase, simplify, expand, shortening of the selected text. These tools come in handy when you need to refine and polish your content further.

Scalenut-Text editor


Scalenut Review:Text Expander


Scalenut Review-Shortening of text


Scalenut review-Rephrase

Simplified Text:

Scalenut review-simplify text

Chrome Extension

Scalenut's AI Copywriter comes with a convenient Chrome extension, allowing users to leverage AI writing capabilities wherever they need it.

Customer support

Scalenut’s customer support team offers reliable assistance and guidance, helping users maximize the platform’s potential. Whether you need help with content generation, optimization, strategy, or any other aspect of using Scalenut, customer support is there to support you.

Scalenut Review-Customer Support

Knowledge Base

Blogs: Gain insights, tips, and best practices in SEO and content marketing from Scalenut's blogs.

Ebooks: Deepen your understanding with detailed Ebooks on content creation, optimization, and the power of AI in marketing.

Help Docs: Easily navigate Scalenut's features with extensive Help Docs that answer all your queries and guide you through the platform.

Bootcamp: Master the art of using Scalenut for maximum benefits through hands-on training at Scalenut's Bootcamp.

What's New?: Stay updated with the latest features, updates, and enhancements in Scalenut for an optimized content creation journey.

Seamless Integration

Scalenut offers a suite of app integrations designed to streamline your content creation and optimization workflow. By integrating with popular tools such as WordPress, Semrush, and Copyscape, Scalenut ensures a seamless and efficient content creation experience.

These integrations allow users to access updates, conduct in-depth keyword research, check plagiarism, and even publish directly to their WordPress website, all within Scalenut's platform.

Scalenut Use-cases

For Diverse Industries

Retail: Scalenut crafts compelling content that captivates shoppers and enhances retail marketing strategies.

Technology: Stay at the forefront of innovation with Scalenut's tailored content for the tech industry.

Healthcare: Scalenut delivers informative and trustworthy content for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Travel & Hospitality:Create inspiring and engaging travel content with Scalenut that resonates with wanderers.

Finance: Simplify complex financial jargon into clear and compelling content with Scalenut.

Empowering Users Across Roles

SEO Strategist: Scalenut empowers SEO strategists to drive organic traffic and showcase tangible ROI on marketing efforts.

Content Creators: Save time and boost productivity with Scbjalenut's AI writing, allowing content creators to focus on creativity.

Executives: Amplify your brand voice with Scalenut's ROI-driven content that resonates with your audience.

Agencies: Efficiently deliver projects and scale your business with Scalenut's comprehensive content solutions.

Scalenut's pricing structure

Scalenut offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to suit the needs of different users.

Scalenut's Free Forever Plan offers a taste of AI-driven content creation with 2000 AI words, 2 SEO articles, and over 40 AI tools, perfect for dipping your toes into the future of content marketing

The Essential plan, perfect for individual creators and consultants. It includes 100,000 AI words, SEO article creation, traffic insights, and more.

The Growth plan, ideal for startups and growing businesses. It offers unlimited AI words, the ability to create and analyze more SEO articles and web pages, and additional features.

The Pro plan, suitable for large teams and agencies. It includes all features from the Growth plan plus advanced clustering, a dedicated CS manager, and an additional user.

For large organizations with specific needs, Scalenut offers a custom Enterprise plan with tailored features and pricing.

Scalenut Review-Pricing Plans

Can you try it before committing to a subscription?

Yes, Scalenut offers a free trial period for users to try out the platform and its features before committing to a subscription. This allows users to assess if Scalenut is the best AI SEO writer for their needs and determine if it meets their expectations.

Scalenut offers a "Start 7 Days Free Trial" for users to explore their AI tools and create both short copy and SEO ranking long-form content. If you choose to discontinue the selected plan after the trial, you will be automatically moved to a free plan, allowing you to continue using some services without a subscription.

Weighing Scalenut: Pros and Cons


  • AI-Driven Efficiency
  • SEO Optimization
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Quality Content Generation
  • Integrations
  • Chrome Extension
  • Live Chat Support


  • Lack of Languages
  • Customer Service Issues

Scalenut Review:User Feedback

Customers praise the combination of SEO and AI writing capabilities, highlighting the Long-Form AI and SEO Intelligence as standout features. They appreciate the ability to conduct keyword research and content writing within the same tool, which replaces the need for multiple platforms. Users find Scalenut particularly effective for creating complete blog articles using identified NLP terms and AI content generation, aiding in higher Google rankings.

Scalenut alternatives

Surfer SEO:

A data-driven SEO tool that analyzes and compares your content against the top-ranking pages to provide actionable insights for on-page optimization, helping you to improve your rankings in search engine results.

Surfer AI

Jasper AI:

Jasper AI is an AI writing assistant that generates creative and compelling content for a variety of purposes, from blog posts to ad copy, using natural language processing to mimic human-like writing.

jasper AI


Rytr is an AI-powered writing assistant that offers a faster way to craft high-quality content across various formats, supporting over 40 use cases, 30+ languages, and 20+ tones, all aimed at producing engaging, original, and high-converting copy in seconds.


For an in-depth review, refer to our comprehensive article on Rytr.


Scalenut has established itself as a complete content generation platform that seamlessly combines AI content writing tools, SEO assistant, and keyword planning to provide an exceptional user experience.

Provides tailored solutions to elevate your content strategy. Its competitive edge lies in its ability to streamline the content lifecycle, making it a strong contender for the Best AI SEO writer in the market.

Ready to transform your content creation process with Scalenut? Start your 7-day free trial today and experience the power of AI-driven content marketing. Don't just take our word for it; explore Scalenut's capabilities and see the difference for yourself.

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