Uberduck Review 2024: Revolutionary AI Voices for Creative Mastery

Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: Jan 22, 2024
Uberduck review
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Imagine transforming your words into the voice of a celebrity, a famous character, or even creating a unique voice that's never been heard before.

Welcome to the world of Uberduck, a groundbreaking text-to-speech web application that's revolutionizing the way we think about voice synthesis. With Uberduck, the power to craft engaging and lifelike speech is at your fingertips, whether you're a budding YouTuber, an aspiring musician, or simply someone who loves to explore the possibilities of AI technology.

Picture this: you're creating an audiobook, and suddenly, the characters come to life with voices you've only heard in movies. Or perhaps you're a musician, looking to add a creative twist to your tracks with AI-generated raps.

So, let's dive into this fascinating world where your words are not just heard but experienced in a way you never thought possible.

Overview of Uberduck?

Uberduck is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to turn written text into speech. Uberduck was founded in 2021 by Samson Koelle, William Luer, and Zach Wener​​ and the current CEO is Zach Wener​. Uberduck.ai is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States​. It can imitate the voices of celebrities, create unique voices, or even make AI-generated raps.


You simply type in what you want to be spoken, and this tool transforms it into voice. It's used for making audiobooks, educational videos, social media content, and more. The voices can sound very realistic, and you can adjust how they sound, like changing the speed or pitch. This tool is helpful for anyone needing voice recordings for various projects.



Text to Speech :

Text to speech(TTS) function can create realistic and expressive speech suitable for various applications such as audiobooks, educational videos, and chatbots. Users have the option to adjust the pitch, speed, and tone of the voices​​.

Uberduck-text to speech

Voice to Voice :

This feature allows users to transform their voice into another, while maintaining their unique speaking style. This innovative tool is perfect for creating diverse audio content, offering a blend of personalization and variety in voice projects.

uberduck-voice to voice

AI-Generated Rap:

AI-generated rap feature includes a vast collection of unique tracks and lyric videos. This is particularly useful for musicians and content creators, enabling them to experiment with music and voice synthesis without extensive musical knowledge​​.

uberduck-AI rap

Prompt Builder(Newly added):

Simplifies the process of creating voice prompts using AI. It helps users efficiently craft and customize prompts for various applications, enhancing the ease and effectiveness of voice synthesis.

Here is the detailed blog on how to use prompt builder.

uberduck-Prompt Builder

API for Custom Applications:

It provides API access for developers to integrate text-to-speech, text-to-singing, text-to-rapping, and voice conversion into their applications.

This tool offers comprehensive API documentation, which is highly beneficial for developers integrating Uberduck's capabilities like building a text-to-speech Discord voice bot in Python with their applications.

Uberduck-API documentation

Multilingual Support:

It supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, and Chinese, enhancing its global applicability​​.

Royalty-Free Voices:

The platform offers a large repository of royalty-free voice samples, which is a significant advantage for content creators like YouTubers and podcasters, allowing them to use diverse voices without copyright issues​​.

Blog :

The Uberduck blog features a variety of topics related to their AI voice technology. Some key posts include tutorials on converting audio to video, announcements about new product launches like the Prompt Builder, demonstrations of the Uberduck API.

uberduck blog

Integration with Discord :

The platform integrates seamlessly with Discord server.

Integrating Uberduck with Discord app involves using text-to-speech capabilities within the Discord platform, potentially through a bot or API integration. This allows Discord users to enhance their chats with varied and unique AI-generated voices, offering a more interactive and engaging experience.


Voiceovers and Narrations:

With a wide range of expressive voices, including celebrity voices, TV stars, it can generate professional-quality voiceovers and narrations for various media projects like YouTube, TikTok etc.​​.

Anime Character Voices and Voice Clones:

Allows users to create unique character voices and produce custom voices from their own voice using its voice cloning feature, useful for anime creators, video games, and personalizing content​​.

AI Voices and Chatbots:

This platform can be effectively used for creating AI voices and ai bots. By leveraging its text-to-speech capabilities, you can generate realistic and diverse voice outputs for your chatbots.

Content creation on platforms like YouTube, TikTok using Uberduck TTS

Here is a detailed process on how to transform text into speech.

Sign Up/Login: Create an account or log in if you already have one.

Select a Voice: Choose from a variety of voices available on the platform.

uberduck-Voice selection

Input Text: Type or paste the text you want to convert into speech.

uberduck-input text for tts

Customize Voice Settings: Adjust settings like pitch and speed if needed.

Synthesize: Click on the button to convert the text into speech.

Download: Once the audio is generated, download it for use in your social media projects.

uberduck-generated output


  1. Free Plan: Ideal for personal, non-commercial use with features like private voice access and a monthly allowance of 300 render credits.
  2. Creator Plan: Priced at $10/month, this plan is designed for content creators and small businesses, offering private voice access, API access, an AI-generated rap feature, and 3600 render credits per month.
  3. Enterprise Plan: Tailored for large-scale professional needs with custom pricing. It includes all Creator plan features plus custom voice cloning, the lowest latency, team features, templated audio generation, dedicated support, and over 500,000 render credits per month.
uberduck pricing


  • Offers a wide range of voices, including celebrity imitations.
  • Provides a variety of royalty-free voice samples.
  • Easy to use with no programming knowledge required.
  • Offers detailed API documentation for developers.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Quality scores for voice models help gauge output quality.


  • May produce errors or mistakes.
  • Not suitable for every business's specific needs.
  • Some voice types need improvements in naturalness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Uberduck to generate AI Rap ?

Using Uberduck is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive tutorials.

uberduck-ai rap generator

Is it safe to use Uberduck?

Yes, Uberduck is safe to use. It has undergone rigorous testing and security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of its users. Additionally, it follows industry standards and regulations to provide a secure platform for music production.

Can I Create My Own Voice Clone with Uberduck?

Yes, with Uberduck, you can create your own voice clones. Simply record and upload your audio, and the AI technology will generate custom voice clones. This feature allows for endless possibilities in audio applications, including music production, content creation, and personal projects. Unleash your creativity and personalize your audio content with Uberduck.


Uberduck is poised to revolutionize the music industry with its groundbreaking features and capabilities. From its advanced text-to-speech technology to its voice cloning feature, Uberduck offers musicians and content creators a powerful toolset that can enhance their creative process and output. With practical applications in content creation for social media platforms and enhancing experiences on platforms like Discord, Uberduck opens up a world of possibilities for artists to explore. Tutorials on how to use Uberduck to its fullest ensure that even beginners can harness its potential.

So, don't miss out on this innovative technology—get started with Uberduck today and unlock your musical potential.

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