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Written by Ravi Varman
- Updated: Nov 9, 2023
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Ever sketched out a brilliant idea on a napkin, wishing you could instantly bring it to life? Enter Scribble Diffusion, the future of artistic transformation.

Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, ControlNet machine learning takes your raw sketches and breathes life into them, turning doodles into masterpieces

What is Scribble Diffusion ? 

This is an AI-powered tool designed to transform sketches into refined images. It leverages advanced artificial intelligence and the ControlNet open source machine learning model to enhance and polish raw sketches, turning them into more detailed and polished artworks.

What powers scribble diffusion?

  • Outlines Recognition: The AI algorithms scrutinize the user's rough sketch, powered by replicate, vercel, and ControlNet, pinpointing the primary lines and contours that delineate the artwork's framework.
  • Keypoint Recognition: Post outlining, the tool undertakes keypoint detection. This entails spotting specific focal points within the sketch, such as corners or significant features. Recognizing these key points equips the system with a profound comprehension of the composition and elements embedded in the artwork.
  • Harnessing Stable Diffusion: This employs the Scribble Stable Diffusion technique. Its advanced approach uses ControlNet to condition the process with supplementary input conditions. Potentially encompassing edge detection, depth maps, or pose estimation.
  • Generating the Final Artwork: Concluding the preliminary stages, this AI crafts the final output, transmuting the Art into a visually arresting painting.

How to Use Scribble Diffusion AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Access the Web App

Scribble diffusion.web page

Navigate to the Scribble Diffusion web application. This platform offers a user-friendly interface designed for a seamless artistic experience.

2. Draw Your Artwork

Art work

Use the in-app drawing tools to craft a rough sketch. This will serve as the foundation for the AI to work its magic. Let your creativity flow, drawing out your ideas and concepts.

3. Provide a Text Prompt

Prompt text

To further guide the AI and influence the final output, input a text prompt. This scribble prompt acts as an additional layer of instruction, helping the AI understand and interpret your artistic vision.

4. Initiate the Transformation

Transformation of the text

After finalizing your drawing and text prompt, start the AI transformation process. The algorithms will then begin analyzing your inputs.

5. Wait and Watch

Result of promopt

Allow the scribble art AI some time to process your inputs. It will interpret your art and text, working to generate a refined version of your initial artwork.

6. Save and Share

Save image

Once the transformation concludes, you'll have the option to download the final piece in high resolution. You can then share your creation on social media, with friends, or even consider printing it for a physical display.

Features of scribble diffusion 

1. AI-Powered Transformation

 This tool employs advanced artificial intelligence to convert hand-drawn sketches into polished, realistic images.

2. Open-Source Platform 

The tool is free and open-source, allowing developers and enthusiasts to explore, modify, and contribute to its codebase.

3. Integration of VQGAN+CLIP

This utilizes an AI model named VQGAN+CLIP. This model merges two techniques: vector quantized generative adversarial networks (VQGAN) and contrastive language-image pre-training (CLIP).

4. Sketch and Text Prompt Inputs

 Users can input a sketch and accompany it with a text prompt. This dual-input system allows the AI to generate an image that aligns with both the drawing and the descriptive text.

5. Interactive Canvas

 The platform offers an interactive canvas where users can draw their sketches. Additionally, they can input text prompts to guide the AI in generating specific types of images.

6. Multiple Output Options

 After processing, Scribble Diffusion presents several image outputs based on the provided arts and prompt. Users can select their preferred image or retry with different inputs.

7. Community and Support

The tool's GitHub page provides access to its source code, documentation, and examples. The creator, Zeke Sikelianos, actively shares updates and showcases images created by Scribble Diffusion users on his Twitter account.

Use cases of Scribble diffusion 

1. Artistic Exploration

It serves as a bridge between hand-drawn sketches and professional-level artwork. Artists, regardless of their skill level, can utilize the platform to transform their doodles into captivating works of art.

2. Graphic Design

 Graphic designers can leverage Scribble Diffusion to swiftly and accurately morph their sketches into digital images, which can then be incorporated into various design projects.

3. Educational Tool

Art educators can introduce Scribble Diffusion as a teaching tool, allowing students to experiment with AI-driven art creation. It provides a hands-on experience, helping students understand the convergence of technology and art.

4. Social Media Content Creation

Content creators and influencers can use Scribble Diffusion to generate unique artwork for their social media posts, enhancing their online presence and engagement.

Example of Artworks Created with Scribble Diffusion

Artworks Created with Scribble Diffusion
Artworks Created with Scribble Diffusion
Artworks Created with Scribble Diffusion


Cost: Scribble Diffusion is available for Free
Open Source: The tool is open-source, which means users can access its source code, make modifications, and contribute to its development.
No Signup Required: Users can access and use the tool without the need for any registration.



  • Scribble Diffusion is both free to use and open-source, allowing anyone to access, modify, and contribute to its development.
  • The tool harnesses AI to generate realistic and creative images from sketches and text prompts.
  •  It can save significant time and effort for artists and designers who want to quickly visualize their ideas.
  • The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those who may not have prior experience with AI tools.
  • The tool's GitHub page provides access to its source code, documentation, and examples, fostering a community-driven approach to its development.


  •  Depending on the quality of the sketch and the provided prompt, the tool may not always produce accurate or satisfactory results.
  • There may be concerns regarding the intellectual property or privacy of the original creators of the images generated by Scribble Diffusion.
  • The generation of images using AI can pose ethical or legal challenges, especially concerning the ownership and responsibility of the generated artworks.

Alternatives of Scribble Diffusion

ToolsFeatures Pricing
1. Playground AI Playground AI offers more control over image generation AI. It supports DALLE-2, Stable Diffusion 1.5 & 2.0, and comes with Playground’s filters for precise aesthetic control.A free account comes with 1000 images per dayVisit website
2. AI PicassoAI Picasso generates artwork from text inputs using an AI called Stable Diffusion.FreeVisit website
3. Stable Diffusion - DreamStudioDreamStudio is the official team interface and API for Stable Diffusion, a state-of-the-art open-source image-generating AI.Offers free content generationVisit website
4. Diffusion Bee Diffusion Bee allows users to run Stable Diffusion locally on M1 Macs. It comes with a one-click installer and requires no technical knowledge.Completely freeVisit website
5. Midjourney AI-Powered Image Generation, Text-to-Image Model and Discord IntegrationFree, basic, standard, and corporate plans availableVisit website


Scribble Diffusion has emerged as a groundbreaking tool in the domain of AI-driven art creation. By seamlessly transforming rudimentary sketches into detailed and refined artworks, it offers artists a unique blend of human creativity and advanced machine intelligence.

In conclusion, while Scribble Diffusion continues to lead the charge in AI-assisted art creation, the presence of diverse alternatives ensures that artists ha a plethora of options to explore and experiment with.

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